Over our 30-year history, Gemini has supported a broad range of customers. We have provided quick-reaction support and innovative solutions that have allowed our customers to achieve their goals.

Our customers are responsible for the successful completion of high priority projects. They must make critical decisions within short time periods. They lead high performing teams who develop and execute plans, field and support technology, and take actions to achieve immediate and long term goals.

U.S. Air Force

Gemini has the privilege of supporting the US Air Force. We have supported Acquisition Category I thru III programs including Joint STARS, AWACS, TBMCS, Air Operations Center (AOC), and classified programs. And we have performed analyses and capability based assessments, and tests to support aircraft platforms and Unmanned Aerial System programs.


U.S. Army

We have supported the US Army in a range of areas  including business operations; strategic planning, engagement and campaign assessment; future concepts, experiments and exercises; and systems design to support training, publications and financial operations.


U.S. Space Force

Gemini support to the U. S. Space Force began in 2022 with Director of Staff organizational planning, implementation, maturation, and strengthening of the HQ Space Force.


U.S. Navy

Since 2009 we have supported the acquisition and fielding of combatant craft. We support program planning and  management, perform analyses, participate in source selection, and provide recommendations for approval and execution.


U.S. Marine Corps

Our support to the Marine Corps began in 1990 with the design of the first Local Area Network at their Headquarters in Quantico, VA. Over the years we have provided planning, engineering and training services at Camp Pendleton and Camp Lejeune and have worked closely with Marine Corps organizations to support Joint Commands and Programs.


U.S. Coast Guard

Gemini project teams support Coast Guard activities in Oakland California, Miami Florida, Cleveland Ohio, and Norfolk Virginia. Support areas include planning, engineering, economic analysis and budgeting.