American Business Awards 2018 Most Innovative Company of the Year

The work Gemini does in National Security is truly important. The way Gemini does business is remarkably innovative. And the people who make up this company are truly invaluable…

I hear that 'No-Fail No-Excuses' is the rule you all live by and it seems to be working.

‚Äč— Kenneth Gordon, Commonwealth of Massachusetts House of Representatives Middlesex 21st District

Our Culture

Imagine…working with an exciting and exceptional team, in a career that inspires you.

Gemini’s customers require innovative solutions to complex national security challenges. We assign leaders who have accomplished  high-priority initiatives during Military Service, Foreign Service, or for industry. They lead teams that solve problems, and ensure that tasks are executed right the first time.


Step Up to ‘No-Fail, No-Excuses’

Gemini takes on challenges, when others are afraid to try and fail. We build each other up and hold each other accountable, while others make excuses. And our excitement for the work and our exceptional work ethic push us to be better every day. We are ‘All-In’ on every project, every task, every time.

We provide the resources you need to excel and succeed. We work to advance your career goals. And we recognize top performance and contribution with awards, bonuses and profit sharing.