Commitment, drive, and focus can change the world.

We ‘watch the backs’ of the men and women who put on a uniform every day for this country.

And we bring to industry the strategies, the drive, and the focus of military leadership and operations, so that they can ‘Step up Their Game’.

— Victoria Bondoc

An Employee-Owned Company


Achieve Your Goals

Everything we do is in support of the defense of Our Nation and its citizens. At Gemini, we believe in giving our customers the best because they deserve the best. At Gemini, your mission is our mission.

The American Artificial Intelligence Initiative was launched in February 2019 to accelerate the Nation’s leadership in AI by driving technological breakthroughs, breaking barriers to innovation, and protecting America’s advantage. 5G networks also present a complex threat that the US has not seen in decades. Today, innovation is critical to national and economic security. Gemini helps leaders make critical decisions and achieve goals by exploiting cutting-edge technology and innovative strategies. Our project teams support complex high-priority national security challenges and have supported cases such as the Boston Marathon bombing and the terrorist attack in France.

We bring the features of military leadership that allow customers to achieve their goals. We rapidly respond to your priorities, and assist you in overcoming challenges. We anticipate opportunities and risks, create innovative solutions, and take action. This allows you to make timely decisions, meet schedule commitments within budget, and achieve your goals.

We are Unique

At Gemini, We believe that there is no greater honor than defending freedom.

We provide rapid-response support, perform thorough analyses, and deliver the latest technology to support demanding customer missions.

The Gemini Mission

Gemini’s mission is to provide rapid response and innovative solutions to create the future of National Security.

We are a team that is driven, accountable and disciplined, and focused on improving.


The Gemini Legacy

Gemini helps leaders make critical decisions and achieve their goals by exploiting cutting-edge technology and innovative strategies.

For more than 30 years, Gemini has committed its resources to support National Security projects. We have supported US Conventional and Special Forces, Improvised Threat Defeat, Counter Terrorism Initiatives and International Programs.