Our Team Members Say

Gemini Team Members Stay a Step Ahead : Florida, Massachusetts, Maryland, Virginia


Rock 'N' Roll Tribute, Bedford MA


25th Anniversary, Tampa FL


Your generosity towards myself and the entire Gemini team continues to amaze me on a daily basis.  Thank you for allowing me to be part of this event and the Gemini team. — Air Force Project Team

Gemini has been great to me since Day 1. They have always been there for me with anything I need…I’m proud to represent the organization. — Department of Transportation Project Team

It is an honor to work for you and I'm truly grateful for this opportunity. — Threat Defeat Team

Although I am thousands of miles away, Gemini really does know how to make me feel close by and a part of the team. — Seattle, WA Team

I have been at USSOCOM for over 17 years and have worked for Booz Allen, Jacobs and ASE and by far Gemini and its management team have been the “Best” company to work for. — US Special Operations Command Project Team.

I always say, “nothing is ever learned through success”. That is yet another thing that I have learned from you, don’t be afraid to go for the gusto, as it is often those who try and fail who reap the greatest rewards at the end of the day. — Tampa Team

Gemini is a great company and by far better than many of your competitors (those that think they're your competition anyway). — Air Force Project Team