Meet Gemini

Paul Howard

Cambridge, MA

Paul joined Gemini in 1993 and has led the Gemini Logistics Support project for 17 years. Paul has set the Gemini standard for delivering results and customer satisfaction and is known for his ever-present smile and commitment to satisfying his customer. His philosophy — “I try to make the customer happy, and make sure I get the job done right in a timely manner…That’s what Gemini is all about — making the customer happy."

Roger Morin

Reston, VA

Roger joined Gemini in 2002 to manage an Improvised Threat Defeat program. Before retiring from the Marine Corps, he commanded infantry units and was Lead Planner for a Joint Task Force, Joint Force Land Component Commander at a Global Combatant Command.  His last assignment was as the Associate Dean at the School of Advanced Warfighting – Marine Corps University.

Timothy Grimes

Reston, VA – Tampa, FL

Tim joined Gemini in 2002 and has led Gemini project teams supporting Conventional Forces, Special Forces, and Combat Support Agencies. He has led and performed rapid acquisition to support high-priority C2, Battle Management, and ISR projects, and advanced technologies for multi-million-dollar highly classified Cyber programs. He retired from the US Air Force after numerous assignments in the US and overseas,